Below is a list of places that you can reach with a passenger car but close during the winter. They are among the best places on Earth. I list them here as a handy reference as we get into spring 2014 and they start to open for the season.

Mountain Loop HighwayMt. Baker, Snoqualmie National Forest (WA)Opened two months early due to SR 530 slide!OPEN, 3/26/14
North Cascades HighwayNorth Cascades National Park (WA)CLOSED
Chinook PassMt. Rainier National Park (WA)CLOSED
Cayuse PassMt. Rainier National Park (WA)CLOSED
Steven's Canyon RoadMt. Rainier National Park (WA)CLOSED
Sunrise RoadMt. Rainier National Park (WA)CLOSED
Johnston RidgeGifford Pinchot National Forest (WA)CLOSED
Windy RidgeGifford Pinchot National Forest (WA)CLOSED

So you've bought that vintage computer on E-Bay and miraculously it survived shipping. Or maybe it didn't quite survive shipping. Perhaps you bought it at a garage sale or rescued it from the metal shreader at the local electronics recycler. Whatever the reason, this site is for you. This site is dedicated to repairing, restoring or just plain figuring out what to do with it after powering on that vintage find for the first time.

I hope to preserve this part of history by encouraging interested people to collect these machines and restore them. To this end I'm archiving all the materials I can find and providing them to the larger community. If you have questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact me.

This site is currently quite limited. Please bookmark it and check back often. My plan is to provide datasheets that manufacturers no longer have available, operating system and compiler images, repair journals as I repair those gems that I come across, sources for obsolete parts with comments about those suppliers that I've done business with. In short, anything that I find useful in bringing an old machine to life again will be here.

My primary areas of interest are Tandy/TRS-80 and DEC/VAX and PDP systems (see my new Blinkenlights! page), with a recently developed fondness for Kaypro and Heathkit computers. I've also taken a recent liking to the collecting of rare and unique terminals. For now that's the focus. However if I find information for other makes and models, I'll place it on this site too.

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